Gersh Experience Students Sitting in a Class Taking Notes

Outreach Program for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum 18+

Gersh Experience offers a unique day program in Patchogue, NY, tailored for neurodiverse adults (18+) who can travel to their Main Street office. This comprehensive program combines daily staff-facilitated workshops and hands-on lessons with weekly off-site outings and community classes. Each day, participants receive small-group support, providing enriching opportunities to improve social skills, life skills, and executive functioning. Eligible clients benefit from this unique program by bridging the gap in daily life navigation and in enjoying enhanced social exposure and personal growth.

Day Program Highlights:

  • Direct staff support during scheduled sessions
  • Real-time application of skills in simulated settings
  • Hands-on Vocational Training
  • Social Opportunities
  • Community Classes & Outreach
  • Life Skills Seminars & Workshops

Tuition (Includes all Programing):

5 Days Per Week

$3000 per month

3 Days Per Week

$2000 per month

2 Days Per Week

$1800 per month

1 Day Per Week

$1000 per month

Monthly Plans

  • Services can be increased within the month but cannot be decreased.
  • Less than 5 day a week plans must be consistent days of the week for the entire month.
  • Up to (2) absent make-ups per month allowed.