Student Profile

Age and Education

Clients have typically recently graduated from high school or received an equivalent GED.

Future Focused

Clients are focused on the future and plan to live a life of independence.


Gersh Experience clients have a primary diagnosis of autism and/or other comorbidities.

Level of Independence

Clients demonstrate a base level of independence advanced enough to allow them to absorb more advanced teachings provided in the program.

Admissions Process

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During the initial intake call, you will speak to a member of our team and learn more about how the program works. You’ll tell us a little about the person you’re calling in reference to and we’ll both decide if we should move forward with the admissions process.
At this time, you’ll be able to meet some of the program directors face to face in order to speak more about the potential client’s entry into the program. When deciding to move forward, a client visit will be scheduled.
The potential client will have the opportunity of touring our program with the admissions director. During this visit, the potential client will be able to meet other clients in the program and discuss various aspects of life at Gersh Experience.
After the client visits are completed and all necessary paperwork is submitted, the admissions team will determine the client’s eligibility to our program. If accepted, the client may be required to finalize registration for school or rental agreements with apartment complexes, depending on the Gersh Experience location.
Once both parties have agreed to the proposal, all registrations for any post-secondary programs or living situations must be finalized. This process is dependent on the campus and specific program, and may be different for each client. When all required registrations are completed, the client will move in to their apartment and take the next step with Gersh Experience.

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