Embracing Independence

It’s our goal that, upon completion of the Gersh Experience program, our students go on to live independent and fulfilling lives. To help students transition to life on their own, we develop an independent living plan customized to each individual’s learning style.

Building Confidence

Student apartments are conveniently located near public transportation—ensuring students learn to navigate the public transportation system safely and with ease.

Important life skills, such as managing money and paying bills, grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry and cleaning, are part of every plan.

Students learn important life skills like…

Image of dollars

Managing money and paying bills

Image of grocery bags

Grocery shopping and meal preparation

Image of laundry detergent

Cleaning and laundry

Support for Every Step

Many students will be learning these necessary life skills for the first time. We work with each student at their own pace and provide support until the student has mastered the skills necessary to live independently.