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The Gersh Experience

As a parent of a young adult on the autism spectrum, you’ve been an advocate their entire life. Now that adulthood is on the horizon, deciding on the next step can be overwhelming. Gersh Experience takes a comprehensive and customized approach to providing support for students on the autism spectrum who have received a high school diploma or equivalent. The transitional program offers students four levels of support—social, psychological, life skills and educational—while developing independence.

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Autism services cost U.S. citizens $236-262 billion annually. 75% for adult services vs. 25% for children.

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Caring for a child with autism ranges from an estimated $3.5 million to $5 million over a lifetime.

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35 percent of young adults with autism have not had a job or received postgraduate education after leaving high school.

Day Program »

Our comprehensive program combines daily staff-facilitated workshops and hands-on lessons with weekly off-site outings and community classes. Each day, participants receive small-group support, providing enriching opportunities to improve social skills, life skills, and executive functioning.

Life Skills for Independence »

The most important skills our students develop are the ones that help them live independently.

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Residential Living »

Students reside in a community equipped with the resources and support that they need.

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Education and Career Preparation »

Gersh Experience offers post-secondary education options and career preparation.

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“Gersh Experience helped our daughter gain the confidence she needed to be successful.”

-Gersh Experience Parent

“At Gersh Experience, they get it. We knew it was the right fit from the start.”

-Gersh Experience Parent