Gersh Experience

Crotched Mountain

Gersh Experience at Crotched Mountain is a residential program for adults on the autism spectrum designed to support our clients in achieving maximal independence.

We take a comprehensive approach to teach our clients independent living skills, provide vocational training and work experience, support skill development and provide opportunities to improve socialization, and teach coping strategies to take on the many challenges of living independently.

Achieving Maximal Independence

Clients experience apartment living on our 1,400-acre campus with private bedrooms and bathrooms, and shared living room, kitchen, and dining areas to promote socialization. Our clients learn to live independently through a series of comprehensive workshops designed to teach executive functioning, self-advocacy, money management, and household management skills, along with grocery shopping and meal preparation. We also provide clients the opportunity to participate in our extended driver’s education class to learn to navigate the community with the potential to achieve licensure.

Vocational Opportunities

Participants in our program receive vocational training in a variety of campus-based opportunities including food preparation and service, maintenance and landscaping, retail sales and stocking, horticulture and farming, working in our mail room, transportation, and school-based work opportunities such as mentoring and supporting our after-school activities programs.

Social Skills Development

At Gersh Experience Crotched Mountain, students are fully integrated in our community, develop their social skills in our research-based LIFE 101 social skills program, and have a wealth of opportunities for social engagement through our Dinner Party program and our nightly and weekend social activities. Student growth and development are supported by our highly trained Life Skills Coordinators, Vocational Advisors, Resident Advisors, Activities Coordinators and Mental Health Counseling team.

Recreational Opportunities

Clients are taught how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through our Healthy Habits, Exercise & Fitness, and Outdoor Social Activity workshops and are afforded access to the amenities on our campus which includes a fitness center, gymnasium, swimming pools, farm, and hiking trails.